mardi 27 novembre 2012

vendredi 19 octobre 2012

Aardman Internship 2012

I was back in Aardman Features this summer for an internship on the show Shaun The Sheep - Season 3 at Bristol. I had the opportunity to animate the puppets from The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists. AMAZING experience with awesome people ! Thank you so much to my mentor Lloyd Price !

vendredi 10 août 2012

Maya The Bee

Un aperçu de ce que j'ai fait pendant mon stage à Studio100animation en Juillet 2012

lundi 11 juin 2012

Holy Sheep !

HOLY SHEEP ! At last, our Annecy Film !
Thank you to my amazing friends : Helene Leroux, Karina KGAZ, Jeanne-Sy ang Gaspard Champ


samedi 14 avril 2012

First Acting 3D

La bande son est de Asterix & Obelix : Mission Cleopâtre