Graduation film ! A fugitive is intercepted by two customs officers as he tries to escape his fate.

Holy Sheep

Annecy 2012 Opening short On a cliff-side off the coast of Ireland, a shepherd steers his sheep from the incoming storm where Death is there to greet him. A huge lightning bolt strikes the shepherd and the jig dance of the Dead conducts the soul of the shepherd toward a psychedelic afterlife.

The Mad Scientist

Gobelins FX assignment - Teamwork with Yoann Bomal / Christine Shin / Chloe Nicolay / Laura Pannetier / Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart ! Done in 3 weeks.


A love walk at Montmartre in Pixilation

Cadavre Exquis

Présentation d'une collection de vêtement sur le thème du Cadavre Exquis