mercredi 30 octobre 2013

My Collection

A clean-up of Stromboli from 1940's Pinocchio. The animation is from Bill Tytla.

Here is the famous animation. Funny thing, my drawing D132 is missing from this pencil test.

1959's Sleeping Beauty clean-up from an animation of Marc Davis, the animals are animated by John Lounsbery.

Clean-up of Jerry from 1946 Tom & Jerry's Springtime for Thomas.

at 7'17

Rough animation drawing of Rabbit. Not sure yet from which Winnie The Pooh film this scene belongs.

Original production Cel of Pooh from 1967 Winnie The Pooh. This one will end up in my baby's bedroom.

First Piece

This is an original drawing of Dr Jumba from Steve Mason who was my teacher during the Pixar Internship. At the end of the summer he gave each of us one drawing from his former Disney animations. This present made me wanna start a collection. Thank you Steve !

samedi 5 octobre 2013

Pixar Animation Internship Reel

Pixar Animation Internship Reel 2013 from Yoann Bomal on Vimeo.

Here is the work I did during the Pixar Summer Internship. Thank you so much to our group instructors Dan Nguyen & Steve Mason and to my mentor Jean-Claude Tran ! Thank you too all the mentors, animators and my fellow interns aka the dirty dozen  who helped me during this awesome experience !

jeudi 5 septembre 2013


Finally, here is our graduation film I made with Jeanne-Sylvette Giraud, Sarah Colmet Daâge, Cyrille Chauvin, Estelle Chaloupy and Karina Gazizova ! Hope you'll enjoy it !

"Spotted" Making Of

This is my personal making-of for my graduation film "Spotted" 

samedi 12 janvier 2013


Colo: Helene Leroux ;) Have fun at CalArts !!